Top 10 reasons why Donald Trump will protect Americans from the lying FDA, EPA, CDC and USDA

Monday, May 09, 2016 by

#1) Donald Trump supports ORGANICS.
He’s very progressive on clean food and organic nutrition.

#2) The EPA lies about glyphosate, saying that eating weed killer is “safe.”
Donald Trump wants to shut down the EPA for good!

#3) The FDA only protects the profit interests of Big Pharma
Donald Trump would prosecute FDA officials for their corruption crimes.

#4) Donald Trump can’t be bribed by corporations.
He’s already worth over $10 billion anyway!

#5) Donald Trump knows vaccines cause autism
He would spearhead the removal of mercury from all vaccines

#6) Donald Trump would protect small supplement and superfood companies
He wants to reduce burdensome FDA regulations that put these small companies out of business

#7) Donald Trump would prosecute criminal cover-ups in government
…like the EPA officials who knowingly poisoned the children of Flint, Michigan with lead in the water

#8) Donald Trump can defeat Hillary Clinton, a pro-Monsanto corporate puppet
Clinton is an evil, criminal monster who would destroy America!

#9) Donald Trump believes in local, organic food
His luxury resorts and properties buy huge quantities of organic produce!

#10) Donald Trump would clean house across the Washington establishment
That’s why they are so scared of him! If Trump wins, the corrupt elite class LOSES… and that’s good for all Americans.

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