Trump doesn’t need #NeverTrump gang to beat Hillary in ’16, according to Stone

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 by

Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s former campaign advisor but current “Trump confidant,” has a message for the #NeverTrump crowd: The Donald won’t need you to beat likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, despite what you think.

Writing for Breitbart News, Stone, who left the Trump campaign in August 2015, says his former candidate is preparing for an epic battle with “First Enabler” Clinton, a reference to her aggressive efforts, as first lady, to debunk all of the women who claimed that her husband, Bill Clinton, had sexual affairs with them throughout the years. But as the candidate and likely GOP nominee prepares, “the media is too focused on party unity and are oblivious to the fact that the denunciation of Trump by failed elites like the Bush’s as well as the prevarications of [House Speaker] Paul Ryan only fuel his rise…”

So, too, did criticisms coming from people like former Mexican President Vincente Fox, Communist Chinese leaders, British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Pope, the Saudis and failed two-time GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney, who so under-inspired the Republican Party base when he lost to Obama in 2012 that millions stayed home on election day.

“The political class is discredited with voters hungry for change,” Stone notes.

How can he be wrong, considering that the moment Trump entered the GOP contest he vaulted to the top of the party’s crowded field, and has stayed there ever since. So for all the criticism directed at him, obviously millions are with him and plan to vote for him in November. In fact, as Stone suggests, the more his supporters are insulted by Trump’s critics – they’re not educated, they’re stupid, they’re racists, they’re bigots, etc. – the more support for Trump they give and the more people Trump attracts.

“What they are missing are the millions of new voters and donors Trump has brought to the party, with the GOP contest drawing two million more voters than the rather boring Hillary v. Bernie bout. It is important to note that in 2012, a change in just 700,000 votes in five states would have changed the outcome of the election,” Stone pointed out. “This is where elections are won.”

Further, analytics show that there are some 1 million unregistered Trump supporters, and in several states – Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania – Trump will have the resources to sign them up. In three of those “battleground” states – Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania – Trump already ties Clinton.

“All successful Republican presidents — Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan — remade the party in their image,” Stone continued. “Trump is snatching the party back from Wall Street and the special interests. His is street populism, far right on some issues but far left on others. Not a pure conservative by any means, he is the best choice for conservatives on the big four issues – the economy, terrorism, trade, and immigration. Those who worry about his views on eminent domain must realize that there will be no private property rights if we are incinerated by Islamic radicals.”

Stone recalled that he met and befriended Trump when the mogul supported Ronald Reagan. Even then, Stone says he saw that Trump had the courage, toughness and charisma to be a strong presidential contender and even a transformational figure within the party as early as 1988. Even then, says Stone, Trump staked out tough positions on trade, China and NATO. So much for his flip-flopping.

Then Stone essentially laid out what Trump’s appeal really is to tens of millions of Americans desperate for someone to be their champion:

Trump is an unabashed nationalist who wants America to be richer, more successful, and, well, smarter. The rise of Trump is a repudiation of the two party duopoly that has driven our country into a ditch. More than ever, voters know the essentially unchanged policies of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama have failed. Trump is no neocon, and unlike Hillary wasn’t a cheerleader for the Iraq war. Voter anger with our decline and the destruction of jobs and economic opportunity while pursuing an expensive interventionist but incoherent foreign policy has fueled Trump’s rise.

But rather than fight him, party elders and faithful need to understand that he has brought millions of new voters to the Republican brand, which has been savaged by the mainstream media, academia and the Left-wing entertainment industry for decades. We’ll see.

Read Stone’s entire column here.



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