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(Trump.newsThe global warming gods are scared: For years pushers of the global warming “hoax” which has included many world leaders anxious not to save the planet but to better control the habits and liberties of their respective populations have tried scaring us into believing that cattle farts and SUVs, along with all the other trappings of modernity, are heating up the atmosphere to the point where we live on Earth will (eventually, sometime, at some point) cease to exist. When the “warming” argument didn’t work, the verbiage was altered and “climate change” became the new mantra for the globe’s control freaks (because, gosh, climate is always changing, right?).

Now, however, as Donald Trump solidified his bid to become the GOP’s 2016 presidential contender, the global warming gods are nervous, as reported by the Japan Times:

The talks in Germany to flesh out December’s historic global climate deal are probably not at the top of Donald Trump’s agenda this week.

But the diplomats from 196 nations huddled in Bonn are keenly aware of the fact that the “The Donald” is now within spitting distance of the White House — and it is making a lot of them nervous.

It is not hard to see why.

The last Republican standing in the U.S. presidential race has described climate change as a hoax perpetrated by China to gain competitive advantage in manufacturing over the U.S., an eccentric theory even among climate skeptics.

Trump has said he’s “not a fan” of the Paris global warming agreement, and has said he, at a minimum, would be looking to change it (or do something else altogether – because they are bad deals for the U.S.). See the full report here.

Oh, about that Trump getting the GOP nod, we reported that yesterday when it happened. That story is here.

Trump’s next debate: It won’t be against a fellow Republican and it may not even be against the Democrat who will wind up with their party’s nomination. Trump has said he is willing to debate Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is making a last-ditch effort to wrestle the nomination from Hillary Clinton, and the hill he’s picked to die on is the California primary, here. He also has a political motivation for doing so, which can be found here.

What’s The Donald doing for Memorial Day? In a very unique way, BloomBerg reports:

Donald Trump is planning a Memorial Day weekend visit with one of his favorite constituencies: bikers.

As motorcyclists stream into the nation’s capital for Rolling Thunder, their largest annual gathering, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is planning an appearance on Sunday, campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said.

“I am doing it in honor of the great bikers who have been totally supportive of my campaign and now I want to be supportive of them,” Trump said in a statement to Bloomberg Politics. “I look forward to it!” 

The bike rally, called the “First Amendment Demonstration Run,” begins at noon Eastern time on Sunday, starting at the North Pentagon parking lot and circling the National Mall. It’s a great story, and it’s here.

President Obama can’t get to Trump, either: In recent days our president has, inappropriately of course, inserted himself into the 2016 presidential contest, of which he is not a candidate, by launching broadsides against the presumptive GOP nominee, and has done so from abroad. Obama said the thought of a Trump presidency has “rattled” foreign leaders, but Trump turned that around and said rattling other world leaders, in some cases, is a good thing. And he had a few observations about Obama’s presidency, too. Breitbart has the story, here.

What kind of party does Trump want to turn the GOP into? Something resembling the old, long-dead Democratic Party, which was a “worker’s party” back in the day.

“Five, 10 years from now – different party. You’re going to have a worker’s party,” Trump told Bloomberg News. “A party of people that haven’t had a real wage increase in 18 years, that are angry.”

Read the full story here.



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