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( First and foremost, as we bring you the news regarding the likely GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump, it is appropriate to remember that 72 years ago today, on June 6, 1944, hundreds of thousands of American troops and U.S. allies stormed beaches at Normandy, France, in the largest invasion in history to rid the world of tyranny and oppression. Many did not survive, but their sacrifices should never be forgotten.

About those anti-Trump protests: Many have suspected that a number of thugs who have been showing up at Trump campaign events were bought and paid for by Left-wing organizations who think violence and anarchy are just fine and dandy as long as they aren’t the ones on the receiving end. Writing in The Washington Times, columnist, author and conservative pundit Tammy Bruce notes:

Make no mistake — these supposed anti-Trump riots are not organic nor are they natural; they are the result of leftist organizing using paid stooges. Fox News reported in March a Craigslist ad posted by Bernie Sanders supporters offering $15 an hour to protest at a Trump rally in Wisconsin. They would also provide shuttle bus transport, parking if you needed it and ready-made signs.

Yeah, not organized at all. Just natural, upset citizens who are so passionate about the situation they just can’t help themselves. And if you believe that, I have a YouTube video for you that caused a bunch of passersby in Benghazi to riot, too. 

We’d also like to point out that these thugs are cowards too, for they only attack in groups. Read the rest of Bruce’s excellent column here, wherein she names the perpetrators.

What is Trump’s real strength? According to Camille Paglia, writing at Salon, it is his bravado in the face of criticism – from the Left, from the Right, and from the media, which is doing its best to cover for likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her email scandal. That, and her inability to excite even many in her own party:

It’s zombie time at campaign Hillary. Behold the dead men walking! It was with strangely slow, narcotized numbness that the candidate and her phalanx of minions and mouthpieces responded to last week’s punishing report by the State Department’s Inspector General about her email security lapses. Do they truly believe, in the rosy alternate universe of Hillaryland, that they can lie their way out of this? Of course, they’re relying as usual on the increasingly restive mainstream media to do their dirty work for them. If it were a Republican in the crosshairs, Hillary’s shocking refusal to meet with the Inspector General (who interviewed all four of the other living Secretaries of State of the past two decades) would have been the lead item flagged in screaming headlines from coast to coast. Let’s face it—the genuinely innocent do not do pretzel twists like this to cover their asses.

More good stuff right here.

And speaking of violence on the campaign trail, it seems like the Left – by supporting and/or condoning it – is doing all it can to elect Trump in November. At least, that’s the view of New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin:

Are President Obama, Hillary Clinton and violent leftists in cahoots to elect Donald Trump? Or are they just idiots?

The evidence is overwhelming that they all belong to a conspiracy — either of secret GOP sympathizers or of dunces. Those are the only options after Democrats took turns denouncing Trump in ways that actually bolstered the potency of his arguments. Three examples tell the tale. …

An ABC reporter tweeted that police lost control and that “Trump supporters [were] being terrorized and beaten up by mobs of protesters.” Among those beaten was a man named Juan Hernandez, a gay Latino Trump supporter who released photos of his broken nose and bloody shirt, along with a statement, writing:

“Got jumped last night as we exited the rally . . . Thanks for a broken nose, uncontrollable bleeding, and a bash to the head, Democrats. You sure are doing your party proud.” 

There’s more here.

And as a bonus, find out from liberal constitutional lawyer and law school professor Jonathan Turley why electing Clinton would be a disaster for the republic here.


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