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(Trump.newsWait… this wasn’t supposed to happen: Republican “leaders” have, for months, been appealing to presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump to tone down his rhetoric against Latinos, claiming that by singling Hispanics out for scrutiny he is costing himself (and the party) prospective votes from this important minority voting bloc.

Well, as usual, GOP “leaders” are wrong again. As reported by Fox Latino:

It is evident that Donald Trump has rewritten the rules of political campaigning, leaving the so- called experts, analysts, journalists and even the GOP itself puzzled by the power and effectiveness of his approach.

[E]ven… after insulting women, attacking public figures, mistreating journalists, judging the judge and calling Mexicans criminals and rapists, his appeal is on the rise even among Hispanics.

Based on big data analysis over the last 30 days as of June 1st, Trump reports 37 percent of Hispanic positive sentiment versus 41 percent for Clinton. Surprisingly, the candidates tie in negative sentiment across Hispanics at 38 percent, discounting the fact that Latinos default as Democrats or are completely turned off by Trump’s off-color comments. After all, over 50 percent of Latinos identify as political independents.

Lots more, here.

Also in the “they were wrong” column, that “surge” of new citizens who are supposed to be champing at the bit to vote against Trump in November has yet to materialize. As The Washington Times reports:

Immigrant-rights advocates had vowed to make 2016 the year of the anti-Donald Trump citizenship surge, hoping to sign up a million new immigrants eager to send a message rejeting the GOP’s presidential candidate – but so far they’re falling short, with naturalization rates only slightly higher than four years ago.

There’s little question that Mr. Trump’s outsized rhetoric has angered Hispanic activists overall, and Mexican immigrants in particular. But applications for citizenship are up just 6.6 percent compared to the same period in 2012, according to the latest data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and actual approvals are down slightly.

Read the full Times report, here.

Who’s racist? Not Donald Trump: The Associated Press is attempting to make Trump’s “my African-American” comment to a black attendee at one of his California rallies a big deal – you know, Trump’s “racist” and all that – but the fact of the matter is, as the AP notes, the man who was the target of Trump’s attention, Gregory Cheadle, not only doesn’t think Trump was being racist, but he does think critics of his attendance at Trump’s rally are:

“You would not believe the hate-filled messages that I get. Those messages, by those people claiming that Trump is a racist, are infinitely far more damning and racist than Trump’s statement ever could have been misconstrued to portray,” Cheadle said in a telephone interview.

[Yes, we would, Mr. Cheadle.]

There’s much more to this story, and you can read it here.

The Donald, a businessman first, knows how to read employment figures. More to the point, he knows how to read between the lines when it comes to the jerry-rigged unemployment data being put forth by the Obama administration. With a record number of Americans not in the labor force, just 38,000 jobs created last month and cherry-picked employment data, Trump says another Obama term (under Hillary Clinton) will just about destroy what’s left of the American economy. In an interview with Breitbart News he notes:

Trump says that under the economic policies of President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, things are “only going to get worse” because the “incentive” to do well in America has been destroyed by the institutional left.

Trump said of the jobs numbers: “They’re phony numbers. People have given up looking for work, and they’re taken off the unemployment rolls.”

And: “It’s a shocking development. It’s a shocking development, and it’s only going to get worse because so many companies are leaving our country because of taxes, because of regulations, because of so many other reasons and restrictions. There’s so many companies leaving the country and it’s literally a shocking number when you see that.”

He had much more to say, and it’s all right here.



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