Trump’s campaign is so successful that he actually just broke his own campaign goal when it comes to winning delegates

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 by

Despite the liberal media‘s attempts to discredit his success at every waking moment, Donald Trump continues to exceed expectations. And now the astoundingly confident, presumptive Republican nominee has managed to exceed his own.

In order to receive the Republican nomination on the first ballot, Trump was required to receive 1,237 delegates. Trump’s campaign predicted that he would receive 1,400 delegates before the Republican National Convention, but he crushed that goal by receiving 1,536 as the final five Republican primaries came to a close on Tuesday night.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Trump broke the Republican primary record by an incredible 1.4 million votes, which is even more amazing when you consider how far most mainstream media outlets have gone in failed attempts to discredit his success. Whether they like it or not, the Trump campaign isn’t just succeeding – it’s excelling.

Time will tell as to whether or not Trump can manage to overcome the corrupt political machine that is Hillary Clinton, but there’s little doubt that he is going to provide her with much stiffer competition than mainstream media outlets seem willing to admit. It seems as though the left wants to believe that Trump’s brashness, political incorrectness and refusal to give into their demands will cost him votes, but it’s a fair assessment that very attitude is what continues to secure victories for him.

As it has been said from the beginning of his campaign, the silent majority is standing staunchly behind Trump, and they continue to prove it in the form of their votes.



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