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(Trump.newsGame on: During presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton‘s “economic” speech on Tuesday, which she used as a platform to embarrass and harass her likely GOP opponent, Donald J. Trump, the Republican used social media to fire back, questioning assertions and accusations Clinton made regarding Trump’s use of debt and other legal devices in the course of building his business.

Trump has never been shy about discussing his bankruptcies. In fact, during the primary debates Trump, on more than a few occasions, reminded detractors that he merely used laws that some of his GOP rivals had a hand in passing, in order to get his companies through the process as easily as possible. But he also reminded critics he has the resiliency and acumen to come back each time more powerful and more profitable.

What has Hillary Clinton (and many of his Republican critics) ever done in the business realm? How many businesses have they started (and brought back from the brink)? In this key economic area – where Trump  clearly has the advantage – the best Clinton could do during her speech was to mention her father’s small business. That doesn’t exactly qualify as having much experience in building up businesses and opportunities; in fact, Clinton – as first lady and as a U.S. senator – has actively advanced policies that hurt small businesses and make it more difficult for Americans to get ahead (higher taxes, more regulations, etc.).

Trump is likely to address this, as well as other areas where Clinton has failed, during a speech this morning. As per The Associated Press:

The Trump campaign is hoping the speech can quiet those concerns and rally Republicans around their shared opposition to Clinton. The billionaire businessman plans to focus in particular on Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, arguing that her foreign policy is in part responsible for the creation of the Islamic State militant group. 

“Hillary Clinton had a four-year tryout for the presidency as secretary of state,” said Stephen Miller, a Trump policy adviser. “She ran the State Department and the world went up in flames. Everything took a nosedive, except for Hillary Clinton’s bank account — which swelled to new highs.”

More, here.

Collapsing support? Yesterday in this space we reported that Trump, though he has not spent any money or focused much (yet) on campaigning in so-called battleground states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, is nonetheless keeping pace with Clinton in many of them, despite the fact that she has spent heavily on attack ads and such.

She may have presumed that most of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters, whom she vanquished only in a very rigged, very unfair “super delegate” nomination process, would attach themselves to her campaign now that she has all but won the nomination. That might not be the case, however.

In a bit of political drama, nearly half of Sanders supporters say that, as of now, they have no desire to support Clinton. Per Bloomberg News:

A June 14th Bloomberg Politics national poll of likely voters in November’s election found that barely half of those who favored Sanders — 55 percent — plan to vote for Clinton. Instead, 22 percent say they’ll vote for Trump, while 18 percent favor Libertarian Gary Johnson.

“I’m a registered Democrat, but I cannot bring myself to vote for another establishment politician like Hillary,” says Laura Armes, a 43-year-old homemaker from Beeville, Texas, who participated in the Bloomberg poll and plans to vote for Trump. “I don’t agree with a lot of what Trump says. But he won’t owe anybody. What you see is what you get.”

Much more, here.

More than just a talking point: Trump has been the only candidate brave enough to vocalize what tens of millions of Americans are thinking, especially after the latest terrorist attack in Orlando, Fla.: That a ban on Muslim migration into the U.S., especially from countries where there is no infrastructure (Syria and Iraq) and thus no way to properly vet immigrants, makes sense – and they trust Trump to actually follow through. Per Breitbart News:

Americans trust Donald Trump to keep America safe more than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, despite repeated assertions from Democrats that she is one of the most qualified candidates for president in history.

A new poll from Morning Consult shows that 41 percent of Americans believed that Trump would do a better job of keeping the country safe while only 37 percent favored Hillary Clinton. (Twenty-two percent said they didn’t know or had no opinion).

Trump’s boost comes from Independent voters, as 38 percent say they trust Trump while only 26 percent favored Clinton.

The poll also shows that Americans support Trump’s proposal for a temporary ban on Muslims traveling to the United States. Forty-eight percent of those polled supported the idea while only 40 percent opposed it. (Eleven percent said they didn’t know or had no opinion).


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