GOP sabotaging Trumps get out the vote campaign on purpose

Thursday, October 20, 2016 by

It’s nearly unprecedented: A major political party actually working in concert to sabotage their own presidential nominee. But that’s exactly what’s happening within the Republican Party hierarchy, which has worked against Donald J. Trump since before he beat out 16 other pretenders for the nod over the summer.

In fact, the party bosses are even working against efforts to register new Republican voters, just because they despise the fact that voters this election cycle chose a billionaire businessman and reality TV star over their mostly warmed over, stuffed and blow-dried establishment candidates who are long on promises but short on delivering.

As exclusively reported by the web site Danger and Play, the GOP’s moves to thwart Trump’s “get out the vote” efforts are at once overt and covert. Some are clear and others more subtle. But the underlying reason is the same: Personal and professional jealousy, and even financial jealousy.

Here’s one way it works: The ol’ bait and switch tactic.

The site notes that when a volunteer for the Trump campaign goes to the local Republican Party office to get out the vote, he/she is sent out to knock on doors for down ballot candidates in neighborhoods Trump has already won.

“Would-be volunteers have reported…that when the [sic] showed up at the GOP office, the local office would tell them to campaign for other GOP candidates. When the volunteers told the local office that they wanted to campaign for Trump, they were told to leave,” the site noted.

The site’s creator, indy journalist Mike Cernovich, went on to say that other would-be volunteers told him they had shown up at Republican Party offices just to find that they were locked. They added that their phone calls would go unreturned. In other words, it has been virtually impossible for many who want to volunteer to campaign for Trump to actually be able to help get the vote out for him.

This is something you’d expect from the Democratic Party, but instead it appears that Trump’s own party is doing whatever it can, on every level possible, to ruin his chances of winning in November.

When Cernovich began raising the issue on social media and elsewhere, he was trashed by the usual party suspects and called out. But then, reality hit:

Meanwhile, voter-registration records show, Democrats are walloping Republicans. The Florida Democratic Party has submitted about 488,000 voter-registration forms it has collected for this election, while Republicans have submitted roughly 60,000, according to state reports.

Other longtime party operatives in additional battleground states said that unless something changes – like attitudes at the highest levels within the GOP – then Trump would lose those states as well because his get-out-the-vote efforts are being thwarted there as well.

Let this be known to any Republican official who sanctions this or has otherwise had a hand in sabotaging the party’s legitimate nominee: If Hillary Clinton wins, America as it was founded will cease to exist in 4-8 years, and you’ll be partly to blame. Voters won’t forget.



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