DEPLORABLES take back Washington: will tax cuts be on the horizon?

Monday, November 14, 2016 by

One of the major reasons why Hillary Clinton was seen as unelectable to the majority of Americans was the fact that she was untrustworthy and had been proven to be a corrupt member of the global elite. But aside from her horrible personality, her terrible policies did not do her any favors. In fact, most people seemed incredibly turned off by them as well.

So even if you didn’t believe her corrupt nature disqualified her from being president — and why wouldn’t it? — her “progressive” ideas of how to fund big government missions definitely was. Thankfully, Hillary Clinton did not win the election — actually losing pretty handily in embarrassing fashion — and there are some serious benefits that will come out of that. Trump’s policies are significantly better than hers and could end up saving working class Americans large amounts of money.

Erik Wasson of Bloomberg Politics reports, “Under Trump’s plan, individual income tax rates would be cut to 12 percent, 25 percent and 33 percent, while the corporate tax rate would be reduced to 15 percent from 35 percent and the estate tax would be eliminated … The coming Trump administration means that the TransPacific Partnership trade agreement is dead in Congress for now. Some members within the party could look to revive it under different terms eventually, however.” So both taxation and trade are about to be shaken up completely, which is a good thing. Taxation is theft and our trade deals are not working to the benefit of the American people.

We have officially taken back our country from the globalists that have been holding it captive. We spoke and the outcome is that the American people will once again have our voices heard on a national scale. Our opinions actually matter now. Things are going to change for the better — and that’s something that we should not underestimate. The economy is about to get a lot healthier for that very reason.

With incoming tax cuts, the American people are about to be set free from the ridiculous federal stranglehold that the Obama administration has had them in for the past eight years. Small businesses are going to be formed and the working class people in our country are finally going to have money in their pockets again.

Whether or not you supported Donald Trump is irrelevant. He is going to be our president so you might as well start to understand what that means for the United States on a fiscal level — and it means free market business deals and a lot of profits.




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