Donald Trump News for May 24, 2016

Told ya so. GOP presidential nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump has hit back – hard – against anyone who attacked him throughout the long, arduous primary process, and that was primarily limited to his Republican opponents. But now that the race is essentially between him and Democrat Hillary Clinton (if Sen. Bernie Sanders doesn’t upset the apple cart, that is), Trump has begun to focus on her and her former president husband. Oh, and he’s not taking it easy on them, either. As reported by the Washington Post, Trump has (rightfully) declared all past Clinton scandals fair game, and apparently that includes former Hillary confidante and one-time colleague, Vince Foster, who committed suicide very early in Bill Clinton’s first term:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is reviving some of the ugliest political chapters of the 1990s with escalating personal attacks on Bill Clinton’s character, part of a concerted effort to smother Hillary Clinton’s campaign message with the weight of decades of controversy.

Trump’s latest shot came Monday when he released an incendiary Instagram video that includes the voices of two women who accused the former president of sexual assault, underscoring the presumptive Republican nominee’s willingness to go far beyond political norms in his critique of his likely Democratic rival.

The real estate mogul has said in recent interviews that a range of Clinton-related controversies will be at the center of his case against Hillary Clinton. 

This is a surprisingly even-handed piece from the Post; you can read what Trump says anyone who hits him can expect in return, here.


‘Crooked Hillary’ is a moniker that is liable to stick, writes Michael Brendan Dougherty at The Week:

Donald Trump has a knack for nicknames. Low-energy Jeb caught something of Jeb’s entitled aura. “Little Marco” got at something truly juvenile and naive about Marco Rubio. And “Lyin’ Ted” was an effective way of branding Ted Cruz’s dishonesty. Lately, Donald’s been trying new nicknames for Hillary Clinton, but he seems to like his original “Crooked Hillary” best.

And his first instinct is best. The Clinton Foundation and other associated concerns really are a kind of globalist grift. More good stuff, here.

Former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer discusses Donald Trump on “Reliable Sources” with CNN’s Brian Stelter, and in particular, how journalists who are “offended” by Trump’s bare knuckles style with them reveals their “disdain” for the American voter:

BRIAN STELTER, CNN: Certainly right underneath the surface, many writers and commentators are mortified by some of the things Trump says. You can call it liberal bias, or you can call it a sense of decency. A sense of how politics are supposed to be done. Or how the campaigns are supposed to be played.

ARI FLEISCHER: I would never call that decency. That’s not what it is. What it really is, is a Northeastern look-down-your-nose at other people who are different. That’s what is it, Brian. 

I can’t tell you how many people in journalism or other places around the Northeast, where I live now, who are absolutely aghast — can not understand how anybody could possibly be for Donald Trump. That is disdain for the voters.

I’ll never be like that. More, here.


Still miffed that your GOP candidate didn’t beat Trump in the primary sweepstakes? Don’t blame the billionaire messenger, blame President Obama, for it was he who created the environment in which Trump thrives, according to Charles Hurt, writing at Breitbart News this morning:

A rare point of universal agreement in all this trenchant political acrimony: No matter what you think of Donald Trump, the political environment in which the flashy real estate mogul has so brilliantly thrived was created entirely by President Obama.

This explains the president’s truly bizarre performance during his graduation speech Sunday. The president is angry, he is defensive, he is spending his final months in office hopelessly trying to spin his failed presidency.

“In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue,” he said in a speech that was otherwise peppered with obvious references to Mr. Trump, who is already basically running against Mr. Obama’s third term, whoever the Democratic nominee will be.

“It’s not cool to not know what you are talking about,” he told the easy crowd. “That’s not keeping it real or telling it like it is, that’s not challenging political correctness. That’s just not knowing what you’re talking about.”

But what is the president talking about? Does he even know? Hurt outs Obama for his awful policies – and explains the Trump phenom – here.

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