Donald Trump News for June 3, 2016

( Okay, just who is creating and condoning violence? The Left loves to say that GOP presidential frontrunner Donald J. Trump is responsible for creating an atmosphere of hate and violence, but the fact is, it is those on the Left, supporters of either Democratic candidate – Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders – who are, by far, most responsible for violence on the campaign trail. A couple of stories from yesterday drive home the point.

As reported by ABC News, Trump supporters in San Jose, Calif., were punched, pelted with eggs and intimidated during a rally:

Donald Trump’s rally in San Jose, California, Thursday night was marred by violence by anti-Trump supporters, who targeted the event’s attendees and police.

The San Jose Police Department said it “made a few arrests” following the rally, and an officer was assaulted. A spokesperson said Thursday night, “As of this time, we do not have specific information on the arrests made. There has been no significant property damage reported.”

Trump’s foes surrounded the San Jose Convention Center, where scuffles broke out between them and Trump supporters. Some of the altercations were physical, resulting in bloody injuries…

And this, from a local CBS affiliate in San Francisco:

Protesters followed Trump supporters to their cars as they left the convention center. Around the corner and away from police protection on San Carlos Street, a mob mentality took over.

A young man wearing a “Build The Wall” T-shirt was assaulted by several young men. Fearing for the man’s safety, KPIX reporter Len Ramirez yelled at him to get away.

Another young man was chased down like prey. He ran until finding some police officers who stopped his attackers.

Some protesters grabbed Trump hats and tried to burn them, while others banged on the cars of supporters trying to leave the rally.

From a local NBC affiliate:

“It was unbelievable,” said Steve Tong, a Cupertino resident who attended the Trump rally.

Tong said after the rally, he was walking toward a nearby parking structure and saw protesters surrounding and taunting an elderly couple.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in America before,” Tong said.

Tong also said he saw protesters smash car windows inside the parking structure.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters have not disrupted any of Clinton’s venues or those of Sanders – certainly not to the extend that Trump events are being disrupted. And while many are likely so-called “rent-a-mob’s” funded in part by troglodytes who despise democracy and love the kind of authoritarianism a Clinton (or Sanders) presidency would bring, the fact is there is much more hate on the Left than there ever has been on the right, as this election cycle is demonstrating once again.

Yeah, he said it: Tens of millions of Americans are thinking it and posting it daily on social media, but Trump came out and said it during his campaign even in San Jose: Clinton “has to go to jail” for her [alleged] violations of U.S. statutory laws regarding her use of a private email server during her tenure as President Obama’s secretary of state. As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail:

Donald Trump said Thursday night that Hillary Clinton ‘has to go to jail’ for her actions in a classified email scandal that has dogged her for the entire year she’s been a presidential candidate.

The Democratic Party’s front-runner delivered a blistering speech earlier in the day that was billed ass a foreign policy address but ended up as a lengthy indictment of Trump as an uncontrollable risk to national security. 

Trump, the Republicans’ presumptive nominee, called it ‘a phony hit job,’ and announced that ‘she’s guilty as hell.’

He spoke for an hour in San Jose, California, alternating between clobbering Clinton as a morally compromised candidate and berating her for being too boring to watch.

‘I watched Hillary’s thing today, which was hard,’ he said. ‘It was like taking Sominex. To watch her is like Sominex.’ 

Sominex, in case you don’t know, is a sleeping aid.

Trump wasn’t done:

‘Hillary Clinton is missing 30,000 emails. They’ve been deleted!’ he said, referring to the former secretary of state’s admitted role in trashing all the emails from her tenure in the Obama administration that she determined were personal in nature.

Describing himself as ‘a counter-puncher,’ he moved in for the kill.

‘After what she said about me today in her phony speech – that was a phony speech, that was a Donald Trump hit job – I will say this: Hillary Clinton has to go to jail, okay?’

‘She has to go to jail. Has to go to jail,’ he said again as cheers erupted in sternum-shaking chaos.

‘That was a phony hit job. She’s guilty as hell.’ Read the full story here.

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