Many Trump rioters are just along for the ride, but Democrat leaders who refuse to denounce them are accessories to the violence

( If you’re an American who is paying attention to the 2016 presidential election cycle you are well aware that there are few campaign events, involving prospective GOP nominee Donald J. Trump, which don’t include protests, and this has been particularly true of the candidate campaigns in traditionally blue states.

What you also know is that, as the campaign season has progressed, the violence at Trump events has only gotten worse, as exemplified last week at a venue in San Jose, Calif. Supporters of The Donald weren’t simply jeered at and insulted; they were attacked, hit with eggs and tomatoes, had their cars vandalized and were chased down by mobs of cowardly bullies, few of whom would ever attack someone if they didn’t have a boatload of supporters backing them up.

As ABC News described the melee:

Trump’s foes surrounded the San Jose Convention Center, where scuffles broke out between them and Trump supporters. Some of the altercations were physical, resulting in bloody injuries…

Some Trump protesters surrounded the car of a presumed Trump supporter as the vehicle was leaving the convention center’s garage. Protesters were shaking the car and smashed its taillight. Protesters also surrounded and banged on police cars.

Here’s more, from a local NBC affiliate:

“It was unbelievable,” said Steve Tong, a Cupertino resident who attended the Trump rally.

Tong said after the rally, he was walking toward a nearby parking structure and saw protesters surrounding and taunting an elderly couple.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in America before,” Tong said. 

Tong also said he saw protesters smash car windows inside the parking structure.

There was also a video of a smiling young lady being pelted with tomatoes and eggs. Cops on the scene to protect the peace were assaulted. Mexican flags were hoisted while American flags (and Donald Trump paraphernalia) were burned. The hats and other clothing emblazoned with Trump’s “Make American Great Again” slogan were jerked off the heads of supporters as they passed by mobs of rioters.

But perhaps the worst insult of the evening came from the San Jose mayor, Sam Liccardo, a Democrat and vocal supporter of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (whose campaign events have not been marred with violence from Trump supporters, by the way). Angry at what transpired in his city, he did not direct his ire at the unruly protestors, including those who battered and bruised his cops; no. Unbelievably, he blamed Trump.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” he said, adding that he believed it was “irresponsible” for Trump to even step foot inside the state’s third-largest city.

But this low-life isn’t the only shameful, disgusting Democrat who has behaved badly in this ordeal: Hillary Clinton herself has yet to come out and condemn the violence she knows is being waged on her behalf – not because Trump is instigating it. That he is being blamed for it just by campaigning is not only ludicrous, it is pathetically inappropriate.

Another top Democrat who hasn’t condemned this violence but is instead blaming it on a legitimate presidential candidate is President Obama – but Trump isn’t running against him (per se).

So by failing to condemn this violence Clinton is, in fact, condoning it. Which means, she condones political violence as long as it is directed at Republicans.

She condones violence against police officers.

She condones destruction of public and private property.

She condones violence against women (nothing new here).

She condones authoritarianism while shunning democracy.

Further, by condoning all of the violence she is helping to set the stage for more violence – and what happens if, at a future Trump event, one of his supporters is killed? Will that be his fault too? Only a warped Leftist would think so.

Clinton and Co. are accessories to this election season’s campaign violence, there is no question about that. It’s time for Americans to demand they be held responsible.


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