Las Vegas: Crazed British man attempted to steal officer’s gun to shoot and kill Donald Trump

At a Trump rally in Las Vegas, an assassination attempt on the presidential hopeful at the hands of a liberal occurred, and most news sources have been oddly quiet about the event.

If the situation were reversed, can you imagine the vitriol the liberals would be spewing about the violent nature of conservatives?

If a conservative had attempted to assassinate Hillary Clinton — or worse, Bernie Sanders — at a campaign rally, the mainstream media would be falling all over themselves to blame conservatism, the Republican Party, the NRA, and gun culture in general.

But since Michael Steven Sandford, a young British man, decided to target Trump, coverage on the attempted assassination hasn’t been taken especially seriously. The man tried to grab a police officer’s gun in an attempt to shoot Donald Trump, and yet many publications have just been glossing over it. These are the same people who would have written 400-pages think pieces on how barbaric and evil conservatives are if a protester had tried the same thing at a Clinton rally.

Sandford claimed that he had been planning the attack for over a year, and had only been living in the country for a little bit longer than that. It’s borderline terrorism, but it certainly won’t be referred to as such. Sandford is currently, thankfully, being held without bail as the federal magistrate found him to be “a danger to the community and a risk of non-appearance.” At least some faith can be restored in the fact that not all members of the government are completely incompetent.

The “tolerant” left continues to prove just how intolerant they are about all things related to Trump. If they truly believed in peace, respect, and the value of human life, Donald Trump wouldn’t be exempt. There’s a lot of hate happening in America at the moment, and a significant amount of it is coming from the Regressive Left.



The Guardian


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