For everyone who just got BERNED: there’s another anti-establishment candidate who can take down the Clinton regime

Recently, Bernie Sanders supporters across the country felt the disappointment as their supposedly “anti-establishment” candidate announced his endorsement of the queen of the establishment, Hillary Clinton.

After months and months of discussing his disdain for the “billionaire class” and those in politics who are fueled by money, Bernie switched over to the political dark side by joining Hillary Clinton in the establishment. Through this act of selling out, Sanders completely betrayed everyone who supported him. All of the speeches he gave, all of the claims he made are completely worthless now. Everything he said about keeping big money out of politics was obviously an absolute lie. His support of the working class obviously didn’t extend far.

This news leaves Sanders supporters at a crossroads. How can they continue to support the man who betrayed them? Surely this knife in the back will steer them away from the democrats. Luckily, there are other options available that don’t include Crooked Hillary.

If you’re looking for another mainstream candidate to support, there’s another option — one who is legitimately anti-establishment and has proven it time and time again. His name is Donald Trump and he has spoken out against Clinton’s corruption time and time again.



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