Globalists are setting the stage to blame the economic collapse on Donald Trump

After nearly eight years of the Obama presidency, and nearly as many years since the “Great Recession” was officially declared over in June 2009, the U.S. economy remains moribund.

Despite all we are hearing about how “good” the economy is and how much it has “recovered,” the truth is U.S. economic growth is “close to zero” and has been for several quarters now, as noted by Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics, CNBC reported.

Why this is important is fairly obvious. Low-to-no economic growth means that the Obama administration’s economic policies — penchant for expanding big, expensive government, and top-down regulatory approach — aren’t working.

But it is also important because the so-called globalist powers may be setting up to blame the tanking global economy on none other than Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee.

Brandon Smith, during his final address to the UN this week, noted that the manufactured narrative by the globalists for Trump is that he is simply unfit to lead the world’s most powerful country, and that his policies would create havoc, economic and otherwise.

What they’re really saying, however, is that they fear he will actually create more economic growth and opportunity through his policies, and in doing so the globalists will lose their grip on power. Hence the narrative – he is a bumbling idiot not qualified to lead.

How best to prove this? Manufacture an outcome to go along with the narrative, as Smith notes:

If Hillary Clinton, a well known globalist puppet deep in the bedrock of the establishment, wins the election only to have the economy tank, then the globalists will get the blame.

If Trump is either allowed in office, or is placed in office, and the economy tanks, conservatives, the primary enemy of the globalists, will get the blame for the resulting crisis.



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