Hypocrisy: Obama admin lashes out at Trump, yet invites rappers with derogatory lyrics to White House

Another day, another example of annoying hypocrisy from the Regressive Left.

After it was revealed that Donald Trump had made inappropriate comments about making sexual advances towards women, the leftists completely lost their minds and have been going out of their way to point out how evil the presidential hopeful is for making comments that they disagreed with.

Under the guise of feminism the Obama administration pretended to be completely outraged by Trump’s comments about women. The only problem with their plan is the fact that both Barack and Michelle have expressed their admiration of many hip-hop artist — most of whom have written and performed lyrics that demean women much more than Trump’s comments did, but you can’t expect the moronic leftists to acknowledge their own hypocrisy.

Edmund Kozak of Lifezette breaks down the Obamas’ strange fascination with the culture of rap, stating, “Time and time again, Michelle Obama has not only shown herself willing to associate with some of the most vile people in the entertainment industry, but actually touted them as role models for America’s youth. Throughout their time at the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama have behaved less like heads of state and more like the pop culture celebrities with whom they associate and who they clearly wish to be.”

Hip-hop artists have long treated women like second-class citizens, using derogatory terms to describe them and pretending as though they are objects of a man’s desire. Reading their lyrics can be downright appalling at times, and yet to the left, those who write and vocalize those lyrics should be seen as heroes to the American public. That is alarming to those of us that prefer our heroes have strong character and a legitimate set of skills.

It’s even more infuriating because the Regressive Left frequently find things that are completely harmless to be devastating, yet they glorify the exact kind of language used by Donald Trump when it is used by rapper that brag about how dangerous they are instead. They continue to completely miss the point and not notice just how hypocritical they are being.

This election will be extremely telling of where our country is headed in the coming years. We have the opportunity to reject political correctness and social hypocrisy on a mass level, but we have to make our voices heard at the polls if we want to see that on a national scale. We have to be the change we want to see in regards to the speech police.





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