Blue-Collar Wave In Midwest States Could Carry Donald Trump To Oval Office

Republicans are hoping a midwestern blue-collar wave can carry Donald Trump to the White House, and there’s growing statistical and anecdotal evidence that their hopes are justified.

Article by Neil Munro

Nate Silver, the left’s favorite polling guru, posted a chart on Sunday showing Trump is doing far better in midwestern states than Gov. Mitt Romney did in 2012.


o almost error-margin levels in crucial Michigan and Pennsylvania.

That midwestern success is what gives Trump a one-third chance of winning the election, said Silver. “Clinton underperforming Obama’s 2012 forecast by *4 points* in the Midwest. That’s a major liability,” he tweeted.

On Sunday night, according to RealClearPolitics’s average of polls, Clinton was ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania by just 2.4 points (46 percent to 43.6 percent), and ahead in Michigan by 4.7 points (44.7 percent to 40 percent). A win in either state could be enough for Trump to win the election. 

GOP leaders in Michigan and Pennsylvania have plenty of reasons for optimism, even as Trump is still lagging in the polls.

“I think what’s happening is that you’re seeing demographic shifts that cross state lines,” said Saul Anuzis, a former chairman of the Michigan GOP. This shift reaches across Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania,” he told Breitbart News.

These blue-collar voters can be difficult to get to the polls, he warned. “It is difficult to turn them out [on election day]. But the fact that they are willing to stand in line for hours [at Trump rallies] tells you something,” he said. “I would not be surprised if Trump won 40 states or lost 40 states — if the wave of blue collars comes out, I can see him sweeping the states.”

In a bus trip across the northern part of the state, GOP spokeswoman Sarah Anderson kept track of the lawn signs and posters. “It was all Donald Trump … I would say it was 99 to 1 [and] I think I saw six Hillary signs in our trek,” she told Breitbart News. Compared to the Democrats, “there is a huge enthusiasm gap … everything is trending Trump across the country,” she added.

Top GOP leaders are acting bullish. GOP chairman Reince Priebus says the polls in Michigan are tied. “We’ve invested over $100 [million] in data … predictive modeling tells us it’s tied,” claimed Priebus, without defining “tied.”

Top Democrats are flying into Michigan and Pennsylvania — not into Florida or North Carolina or Nevada — to keep the state blue throughout election day. On Sunday, Hillary Clinton was a church service in Philadelphia, declaring the race was about President Barack Obama. “This election is about doing everything we can to stop the movement to destroy President Obama’s legacy,” she said.

On Monday, Clinton will be in Grand Rapids and Obama will fly to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Trump is going to Scranton, Pa., on Monday and then to Grand Rapids in Michigan for a midnight rally.  On Sunday evening, Trump was at a huge rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan. “Ocean of people,” said a tweet from the Daily Mail’s reporter.

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