Trump victory for America is also a DEFEAT of the globalists

Donald Trump’s upset presidential victory is one of the most historic election results in American history. After being told for months and months that Trump stood no chance of actually being elected, the American people were reminded that we have more power than the powers that be want us to believe.

The working class in America has grown vocally fed up with the fact that the global elite have continued to control our society for decades, refusing to acknowledge the issues facing the average American. After warning the leftists and the globalists over and over that they had better change the way they have been treating us, the people of our country have now responded in the most drastic fashion imaginable.

We have elected Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States. That feels good, doesn’t it?

After feeling like there was no hope for so long, to receive a victory this important, this anti-establishment, this rebellious, is extremely satisfying. After all, they spent the entire campaign trail telling everyone that there was no chance of Donald Trump winning, so for him to pull it off — thanks to the working class in America — is truly incredible.

But this isn’t just a victory because Hillary Clinton will not be the next president — this is a victory because the worldwide globalist empire will suffer because of it.

David Haggith of The Great Recession Blog writes, “Finally, with the US and Britain having both been brave enough to risk voting for an exit from the rule of the globalist establishment, think what the big victory of Trump and his supporters might do to encourage the eagerness of other nations to make similar exits. This adds more likelihood to some breakup happening in the Eurozone. So, change is going to happen; but change usually creates turbulence and doesn’t come easily.”

We are living in truly revolutionary times. The American people, with their backs up against the wall, made the decision to take down the establishment with their ability to vote. That is a beautiful, wonderful and inspriational thing to behold. We have finally taken our country back and it is clear that we are the ones who control our future.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Donald Trump, know that this is a great thing for everyone who wants to live in a free country. The United States has chosen liberty over slavery — and we all benefit from that decision. Freedom won this election. The globalists lost.



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