Democrats see a rich future for US under Trump, now attempting to block him from profiting from it

The Democratic Party has been waging war on Donald Trump since before he even announced that he would officially be running for president. They decided that he would be the worst possible choice for America before they even had a chance to hear his policies. From there, things got progressively worse and worse as they constantly went out of their way to portray the president-elect as being a racist bigot.

When that didn’t work, they tried to portray his supporters as being an army of hate-filled monsters. Hillary Clinton even went as far as to refer to them as “a basket of deplorables.” Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, this didn’t work out to their advantage. The American people rejected their taunts and decided to elect Donald Trump in spite of all the controversy. Now the powers that be are doing everything they possibly can in order to prevent Trump from being successful.

Jordain Carney of The Hill reports, “Democrats are showing no signs of backing down from their monthslong hounding of Trump over his financial ties, urging him to follow the advice of a top government ethics office. Twenty-three senators sent a letter to Trump this week, warning that his financial ties ‘have the potential for serious conflicts between the national interest and your personal financial interests.'”

It isn’t healthy for the Democrats to be fighting against actual progression this way. They’re trying to make the life of the president-elect absurdly difficult for no reason other than the fact that they lost and are being sore losers. We all rejected Hillary Clinton for extremely understandable reasons and they just cannot seem to come to terms with that.

Our country has been traveling down a dark path for years now and we most definitely need to reverse the course. Donald Trump has promised that he will do everything in his power in order to make America great again. While it may be a longshot, we should all be supporting him and hoping that he succeeds. The Democratic Party, however, is proving that they have no interest in allowing our country to reclaim its former glory. They are willing to do anything in order to keep Trump from being successful — which goes to show that they care more about themselves than their country.

Whether or not you supported Donald Trump in the election is irrelevant. We need a leader that is going to actually lead our country to greatness and Trump could very well be that person. It is time for the American people to reject the desires of the Democratic Party and stand behind the president-elect. It could be the difference between the success or failure of our country.



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