The media is shocked that Trump is actually doing what he said he would do

To serious political observers, it became apparent very early in the recent campaign cycle that Donald J. Trump was not your ordinary politician.

Being a successful businessman and not a politician his entire life, Trump looks at problems and problem-solving differently. He is pointed and blunt and honest when he speaks. He shuns political correctness and filters. He isn’t afraid of fallout for holding a different view. He’s used to getting results.

None of these qualities are much in evidence in Washington, either in the political or media establishments. Just the opposite, in fact. And that’s why the political class and media elite believed that they could use Trump’s blunt, outspoken, anti-PC direct style to take him out. It was a strategy that had worked with every previous seeker of the highest office in the land in modern history.

But it didn’t work with Trump. No matter what he said, what he did or what he proposed, the political/media order couldn’t put a dent in his campaign armor. What’s more, they couldn’t figure out why. (RELATED: What is the media lying about today in regards to the Trump administration? Read all about it at

And they still can’t, judging by a headline on Friday in The Hill: “Surprise! Trump doing what he said he would.”

The tone of the article makes it clear that the establishment is stumped as to why Trump hasn’t allowed the office that he holds to temper and change him – code for: “Why hasn’t this guy started thinking and acting like we do yet?”

“In his first frantic week at the White House, Donald Trump is doing almost exactly what he promised to do during his campaign, stunning those who thought he’d adapt his style as president,” the article begins, somehow forgetting to put the title “president” before his name.

The article goes on to list some of the president’s initial actions: The order to build the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border; doubling down on promises to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement; temporarily suspending visas for people attempting to enter the U.S. from several regions, largely in the Middle East, that have become hotbeds for terrorism.

And, of course, The Hill mentions his tweeting, which hasn’t stopped (and isn’t going to), and his claim (“without any evidence”) that “massive voter fraud cost him a popular vote victory to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.”

They still don’t seem to understand that style is substance for this president, and that not only do appearances matter, but false appearances and narratives must be refuted and the record corrected. That is what seems to have stupefied the establishment the most, but it’s obvious that Trump’s style resonated with a majority of Americans outside the state of California.

That, and Trump’s unbreakable connection and bond to an America outside the beltway that the political and media elite do not understand and, what’s more, don’t want to get to know. That’s the genesis of Clinton’s now-famous “deplorables” remark and then-candidate Barack Obama’s “bitter clinger” observation during his first campaign.

What’s more, the establishment doesn’t seem to understand why Trump remains the way he is. One of the first questions he was asked by ABC News’ World News Tonight anchor, David Muir, last week in his first major network interview, was whether or not the election had “changed” him.

“I don’t want to change too much,” Trump responded. “I’ve had a wonderful life, wonderful success … I want to make this [presidency] a great success for the American people.” (RELATED: Keep up with President Trump as he restores our constitutional republic at

But does he really mean that? seems to be the question Washington’s political and media elite keep asking him, when it ought to be patently clear by now that Trump is Trump is Trump, that he isn’t about to change who or what he is to placate anyone or to fit some stereotype of what past presidents have been and how they have governed. In fact, that’s how Trump won in the first place, by pledging not to be those presidents and govern like them.

It may well be that the political and media establishment in Washington never understands (or completely accepts) Trump. But if he continues to deliver on the promises he made during his campaign (and, hopefully, the next), he will have moved America far down the road to greatness once again.

Just like he said he would.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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