Jeff Sessions rips bureaucrats refusing to back Trump policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined syndicated Boston radio host Howie Carr on his broadcast Thursday, laying out the new path his Department of Justice is charting in the Trump era.

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New measures to crack down at the border were of particular focus in light of Sessions’s sweeping announcements in Nogales, Arizona Tuesday. Talk also turned to Sessions’ efforts to rebuild a Justice Department still largely staffed with holdover Obama-era appointees and career civil service employees, most of whom worked under the previous administration. Sessions’ continued crusade against so-called “sanctuary cities” made up the final portion of their conversation.

“I’ve been excited about progress at the border … March was the lowest level of illegal entrants to the country in 17 years. It was 72% below the last month of the Obama Administration,” Sessions relayed to Carr. Building on his statements on Fox News’s Hannity, he added:

I thought if we had clear leadership by the President, by our officers, and tell people please don’t come illegally, if you want to come to America wait your turn. If we do that we’d see a decline, and so far it’s exceeded my expectation.

Carr expressed his disbelief at the controversy that has arisen over Sessions’ directives. “You’re enforcing the law! There’s nothing new here. You’re just taking the federal criminal code and enforcing it,” he said.

Sessions was equally incredulous:

It is just beyond my comprehension how we drifted so far away from the common sense notion that sovereign nations have borders and those borders should be honored … Any country that has common sense, and almost all do, has laws that if you commit a crime while you’re in the country, lawfully or unlawfully, you are to be deported.

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