01/17/2017 / By Natural News Editors

Democrats are consoling themselves by claiming Donald Trump’s election is illegitimate, but they’ll do themselves and the nation a favor

12/20/2016 / By Mike Adams

Donald J. Trump secured a decisive electoral victory this week as electoral voters across the country cast their votes for

12/18/2016 / By Mike Adams

Despite being such incredible losers, democrats just don’t know how to lose. After first telling everybody in America they couldn’t

12/14/2016 / By newstarget

During her appearance on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Matt Boyle, Michelle Malkin observed that many members of

12/11/2016 / By Mike Adams

A citizen journalist named “Chad,” posting under the name “Insurgency Broadcast Network” completely destroys the “fake news” narrative of the

12/10/2016 / By Mike Adams

The Washington Post has finally committed its most desperate act of credibility suicide, publishing a blatantly false, fabricated story that

12/06/2016 / By Mike Adams

Never try to teach a pigeon to play chess, people say. It wastes your time, annoys the pigeon, and you

11/29/2016 / By trumpnews

One of the major successes of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign was his ability to cut around a dying corporate media

11/18/2016 / By Martin Mavis

The Health Ranger’s post-election analysis: What’s next for Donald Trump? Stay informed at

11/08/2016 / By trumpnews

Republicans are hoping a midwestern blue-collar wave can carry Donald Trump to the White House, and there’s growing statistical and

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